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Living Environment

The city where 100,000 foreigners living pleasantly

Hyogo-Kobe is proud of its history playing a leading role in the internationalization of Japan. Since the opening of the Port of Kobe, it has come to provide a comfortable living environment thanks to housing that meets the needs of foreign residents, international schools offering top-level education, hospitals and lifestyle consultation desks providing support in multiple languages, and various religious facilities. Some 100,000 residents from overseas live in Hyogo Prefecture, which has the 7th largest foreign population in the nation. In Hyogo-Kobe, urban capacity and abundant nature coexist, creating a living environment that bests that of Tokyo or Osaka. Thanks to its cozy residential areas, shorter commuting times, beautiful nature, and well-equipped public facilities, Hyogo-Kobe’s living environment has consistently come out on top in surveys of quality of life in Japanese cities.


Bilingual Hospital List

(Hyogo Medical Serrices Search System)
List of medical institutions which can respond in various foreign languages.

Issue in March,2016 Vol.20pdf
「Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine Using iPS Cells from Kobe」
「Kobe, home of flourishing life-science studies, is optimum for pharmaceutical research」
Issue in November,2015 Vol.19pdf
「Enhancing the Business Base and Promoting BCPs」
「One-Stop Service Supporting Domestic and Foreign Companies’ Expansion into Hyogo」
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