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Educational Setting

Place of the substantial learning in the foreign school

In Hyogo Prefecture, a lot of international schools are existing. Information exchange among the schools and pupils have since been promoted by Hyogo Foreigners School Association. Besides, there exist "Children's Multi-culture co-existing Center" in order to support children and pupils with educational consultancy and arrangement for dispatching supporters.

Prefectural Ashiya International Secondary School


Hyogo Prefectural International High School

Pupils and students are flexibly studying with integrated system through middle to high school according to the individual language ability and understanding in small groups and individually.

Children's Multi-culture Co-existing Center

Basic facility is provided for supporting foreign children and pupils to realize their self-enlightenment, and to foster rich co-existing mind of all the children. Educational consultancy for foreign children and pupils, and arrangement for dispatching supporters to children and pupils with insufficient understanding of Japanese language have since been carried out.