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March 2016 Vol.20 
Topic: Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine Using iPS Cells from Kobe
Kobe, home of flourishing life-science studies, is optimum for pharmaceutical researchpdf

November 2015 Vol.19 
Topic: Enhancing the Business Base and Promoting BCPs
One-Stop Service Supporting Domestic and Foreign Companies’ Expansion into Hyogopdf

March 2015 Vol.18 
Topic: Selecting Kobe Because of its Abundant Medical-related Infrastructure and Human Resources
Enhancing Ocean Freight Service Based at Kobe Port,a Key Japan Hub for European Shippingpdf

November 2014 Vol.17 
Topic: Deciding Factors: Greenery-Rich Natural Environment and Convenient Access
Highly Evaluated for Their Excellent Location and Environmentpdf

March 2014 Vol.16 
Topic: High Productivity, Diversity and Living Environment for Employees
Living Climate Favored by Foreign Culturespdf

August 2013 Vol.15 
Topic:Hyogo-Kobe Challenges to the World with Underpinned Quality,Innovativeness and Uniqueness in Manufacturingpdf

March 2013 Vol.14 
Topic: Vitalizing Japan through Kansai !
Hyogo-Kobe comes up with various prominence in tourismpdf

February 2013 Vol.13 
Company in Hyogo: Nestlé Japan Limited
Topic: Abundant nature, weather climate and history, all the diverse tastes Hyogo-Kobe offerspdf

February 2012 Vol.12 
Company in Hyogo: Eurocopter Japan T&E Co., Ltd.
Topic: Integrated logistics hub for land, sea and air transportpdf

February 2011 Vol.11 
Company in Hyogo: Umicore Japan K.K.
Topic: Next-generation energy-related industriespdf

March 2011 Vol.10 
Company in Hyogo: Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
Topic: Supercomputer "K"pdf

March 2010 Vol.9 
Company in Hyogo: Beauty & Health Innovation
Topic: "Hyogo-Kobe " area datapdf

March 2009 Vol.8 
Company in Hyogo: Kobe Pharma Research Institute, Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.
Topic: The Kobe Medical Industry Development Areapdf

March 2008 Vol.7 
Company in Hyogo: ALSTOM K.K.
Topic: Environmental business in Hyogo prefecturepdf

August 2007 Vol.6 
Company in Hyogo: Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd.
Topic: The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Kobepdf

March 2007 Vol.5 
Company in Hyogo: "BMW Group Academy Kobe"
Topic: The "Hyogo/Kobe Investment Support Center", a one stop shop for advisory servicespdf

February 2007 Vol.4 
Topic: Harima Science Garden City, Sring-8 and XFELpdf

January 2007 Vol.3 
Company in Hyogo: DiaSys Japan K.K.
Topic: The Kobe Medical Industry Development Project pdf

March 2006 Vol.2 
Company in Hyogo: Matsushita Plasma Display Panel Ltd.
Topic: "Hyogo-Kobe Investment Support Center" one year following its establishmentpdf

February 2006 Vol.1 
Company in Hyogo: Alico Japan
Topic: The Kobe Airport "MARINE AIR"pdf