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Climate Outline of Hyogo-Kobe

 Hyogo Prefecture is located nearly in the center of Japan, bordering on Osaka and Kyoto Prefectures on the east side, Okayama and Tottori Prefectures on the west side, and it is the only prefecture facing to three seas; the Japan Sea on the north side, Seto Inland Sea and Pacific Ocean on the south side, and to Tokushima and Wakayama Prefectures over Awaji Island lying down in Setouchi sea. The meridian, 135 degrees of east longitude representing the Japanese Standard Time, goes through from the South side, Awaji City on Awaji Island via Akashi City, Nishiwaki City and to Toyooka City on the north side. Hyogo Prefecture consists of 29 cities, 12 towns, and the prefectural office is in Kobe City developed as the international foreign-trade port. They say it is a microcosm since the prefecture is composed of blocks having the versatile particularities of climate, culture and history. In the industrial fields, the coastal industrial zone of Hanshin and Harima makes up the manufacturing base taking very important part of logistics as it is well connected to highway network, Kobe and Osaka Seaports, and near to Kansai International Airport.

Climate of Hyogo(2020)

Seto Inland Seaside
(Kobe City)
17.6℃ 2,185.8h 1,614.5mm
Sea of Japan side
(Toyooka City)
15.4℃ 1,536.0h 2,135.0mm

Population of Hyogo

 5,465thousand 7th in Japan(2020.10.1)