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Important Center of Traffic and Logistics

While Hyogo Prefecture is one of the most important key places for manufacturing and consumption, it is also in the significant position of traffic and logistics.

The coastal area from southern Hyogo to Osaka has been fully equipped with infrastructure for logistics with seaports, airports, railway networks, and highway links at backgrounds. Hyogo stands No.1 as a logistics center in Kansai area.

As far as the Highway Traffic Network concerns, Hyogo is planning “Reach within One Hour Traffic Nets” from one point to the other inside Hyogo Prefecture. On the other hand, the total length of toll road services such as Meishin, Chugoku, Sanyo, and Hanshi Highways enjoys the No.2 position after Hokkaido.

Concerning to the Railway Transport, Kobe Cargo Terminal Station was moved just aside to the JR Sanyo trunk line in December,2003, which drastically shortened the time of container transportation.

Thanks to the Kobe Seaport, Osaka Int’l Airport, Kansai Int’l airport located inside or just outskirts Hyogo, top grade of logistics basis have been very well organized. This location provides you higher facility as your stronghold for Asian market as well as Japan market. It also enables you to reduce the transportation cost and to shorten the delivery time.

Kobe Airport was opened in February, 2006. This facility with linkage of Osaka and Tajima airport gave us much wider logistics utility.