Basic Premise

Hyogo Kobe Investment Center (hereinafter referred to as “HKIS”) acknowledges the importance of personal information and privacy (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) and pays maximum importance for its protection.
HKIS regards following information as Personal Information; user’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, place of work/employer etc. which transmitted to HKIS website to identify the user to provide our service.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The purpose of collecting Personal Information is to provide as much convenient service, therefore the process shall be done within the minimum requirement.
HKIS collects Personal Information via website data-input-page only and in principle any other information will not be collected without user’s prior consent.
If you do not wish to provide your Personal Information, it is acceptable, however, please note that the provision of Personal Information may be a prerequisite for using the service.

The use and disclosure of Personal Information

HKIS may use and disclose the collected Personal Information only in the following cases.

  • If it is necessary to disclose the Personal Information to provide the service on this site.
  • If it is disclosed in the condition that individual customer cannot be identified.
  • If it is with the customer’s consent
  • If it is legally required to disclose information to the certain party under the legislation.
  • To protect the right and/or assets of HKIS website or the rights, assets and life of the user.

Outside Links

Please note that the linked pages, PR banners etc. displayed on this site are oprerated under the different regulations and/or privacy policy from HKIS.  HKIS shall not guarantee the safety of your Personal Information in those pages, and we are not responsible on this regard.  You are kindly recommended whether you should provide your Personal Information or not to refer the terms and conditions of the other sites.

As of April 1 2010